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Chia Tech
first international
Cloud farming platform.

imagine earning money easily!
that's what Chia Tech cloud farming looks like 😊

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Chia Tech, the only chia cloud farming platform
accepted by original chia founders!

Chia Tech Cloud farming

Accepted by CHIA community

Chia Tech is the only cloud farming platform that is accepted by the CHIA community! Your trust is our main attitude 😉

Chia Tech daily news about chia

Daily news about chia

One of our main goals is to provide daily news and tutorials about the chia network! so don't miss our blog posts!

Cloud farming on Chia Tech

Cloud storage for farming!

Give the work to experts! purchase cloud storage from us, we maintain, you get the rewards ;)


Daily news and tutorials.

If you are looking for daily news and tutorials about the Chia network and how to farm Chia, the best hard drives to create Chia farm, connect your Chia Farmer to pool, take a look at our blog!

Check our blog
Chia tech blog

Cloud storage to farm Chia in two clicks!

if it's hard for you to gather the requirements for Chia farming or if you don't want to get involved with technical depts, you can easily purchase cloud storage from Chia Tech and start earning Chia!

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Cloud farming on Chia Tech

Mining Pool

Chia Tech is one of the fewest companies that launched its trust-based mining pool before the Chia official mining pool! by purchasing our cloud storage, you would get connected to our mining pool so your daily income will be guaranteed!

Pool explorer
Chia Tech cloud farming pool
Cloud storage farming

How to use.

With the help of the Proof-of-space algorithm, now it's possible to purchase storage anywhere and make a cluster of them to make cloud storage and mine coins with Proof-of-space algorithms.

Create account at Chia Tech

Create Account with Mail

If you want to use our cloud storage and start your Chia mining farm, the first thing you need to do is register with a valid email address.

Choose your cloud storage on chia tech

Choose the storage amount

Choose how much storage you want to start your Chia mining farm! you can always check for Used hard drives and place bids on them.

Deposit to chia tech

Deposit the required amount

Deposit the required amount to purchase your hard disk! We accept Chia, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum as payment.

Purchase cloud storage from Chia Tech

Purchase the storage and earn!

Now that everything is done, you can purchase your storage, this storage belongs to you and you will earn your Chia's daily based on the Network growth



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Chia Cloud farming
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